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Everyone sat around the kitchen table and ate dinner. Nao wasn't sitting at the table, but was leaning against the door frame to the kitchen, arms crossed and still wearing the robe. A blue skinned man looked over at Nao.

"Hey Nao, are you going to eat?" he asks.

"I'm not hungry Kisame" Nao said after.

Sasori looks at him "You need to eat if you want to keep your strength up" he said.

Nao stares at him "No thanks"

Deidara picked up an apple off the table and threw it at him and Nao catches it "Stop acting cool and eat, I can hear your stomach growling from over here, hmm" he said.

Nao stares at him and pulls the hood over his head, hiding the blush that spread across his face and turned his back to them, taking a bite in the apple. Everyone saw Nao's reaction and laughed. They finished eating and despersed around the base.

Nao had put the apple core in the garbage and walked into the livingroom where Itachi was sitting on the couch, looking at the TV screen that was set to the news. Nao looked around the room, it was kind of a mess.

Nao quickly looked around, making sure no one else was around and quickly picked up the various of magazines that scattered the floor and placed them on a table that was by the TV. Nao then grabbed the vacuum that was leaned against the wall, turning it on.

Once it was turned on, Itachi jumped "Konan, I told you before, when your about to vacuum, tell me first" he said.

Nao smiles slightly "Good thing he's almost blind" he thought and started to vacuum the floor.

Nao vacuumed in front of Itachi who groaned "Move please" he said.

Nao moved quickly. Once the vacuum was done, Nao looked down the various of halls, making sure no one was coming and picked up a feather duster and started dusting things.

Soon after that, Nao took a cloth and some windex and started washing the windows, which brightened the room a bit. Nao then walked out of the room like nothing happened, going into the kitchen, grabbing an apple off the table and went into his assigned bedroom, closing the door behind.

Few minutes later, Konan walks into the livingroom and stops, amazed at the sight. Itachi was still sitting on the couch but the room seemed brighter and was clean.

Konan smiles "Itachi, do you see anything different about the livingroom?" she asks.

Itachi turns his head to her. Konan giggles "Nevermind" she said and went down another hall.

Nao went to bed after finishing the apple and once Nao woke up, he was sent on a mission. Nao was gone on the mission for the whole day and got back around midnight and went straight to bed.

Nao was sent on missions everyday or every second day. They lasted the whole day or half the day. One day, Konan walked by Nao who was heading off to another mission. Konan noticed the tiredness in his eyes as he went by. She watched him walk out of the base and headed out.

She then went down the hall and into Pein's office "Pein, I think your pushing Nao to hard with all these missions" she said.

Pein looks up "Am I, he hasn't complained once about being tired" he said.

Konan looked at him "Well, I just passed him and he seemed really worn out, maybe you should cut back the missions a bit, have them twice a week instead" she suggested.

Pein looks at her "I was only giving him that many missions because I was trying to break him in, see if he would stay loyal to the Akatsuki" he said.

Konan puts her hands on his desk "Pein, please, give him less missions, he needs to rest more, he's probably going to collapse from exhaustion any minute now" she said.

Pein sighed "Alright, I'll cut back the missions" he said.

Konan smiles "Thanks Pein" she said and left the room.

Nao got back from the mission around noon and stumbled through the front door, walking slowly up the stairs and tiredly went down the hall and into his room, falling face first onto the bed, falling asleep instantly.

Konan watched Nao fall onto the bed and she smiled "Get some rest Nao, you'll be needing it" she said.

Nao was asleep for the rest of the day and woke up around seven in the morning the next day and walked down the hall, wearing the robe, as usual. The other Akatsuki members were walking around, doing random things. Nao sighed and picked up a book, a piece of paper and a pencil and sat in a chair that was in the livingroom and started to draw.

Everytime someone went by, Nao would stop drawing for a second and hide the picture so no one would see, once they were gone, he continued to draw. Deidara walked by but Nao didn't see him.

Deidara stops and looks over at Nao, who was drawing in the chair and he would look up once in awhile and continue to draw. Deidara looks across from Nao and sees Itachi sitting there, sleeping.

He smiles and comes up behind Nao and looked over his shoulder to see what he was drawing. Once he saw it, he was amazed. It was a picture of Itachi sleeping on the couch in front of him, it was really detailed. Deidara smiles "That's really good, hmm" he said.

Nao jumped once he heard his voice and stared at him "What?!" he confusingly said, hiding the picture.

Deidara smiled "The picture, it's really good, hmm" he said.

Nao looks down and uncovers the picture "Th-thanks, I guess" he said.

Deidara crosses his arms "Well, it doesn't compare to my art, hmm" he said.

Nao looks at him, raising an eye brow "Your art? You make art?" he asks.

Deidara nods his head and takes out some clay, molding it and showing it to Nao, it was a small clay bird. Nao stares at it "That looks cool" he said.

Deidara chuckled "Not yet it isn't, hmm" he said. Nao looked confused and watched as Deidara made a hand sign and the clay bird sprung to life and flew off his hand "My art is fleeting, there for a moment then gone the next, to be imprinted in the minds of those that are lucky enough to witness it. True art is an EXPLOSION!" he said and made another hand sign and the clay bird exploded.

Nao covered his ears as the bird exploded. He looks at him "That's amazing and all but I think that art is something else" he said.

Deidara looked at him, raising an eye brow "Let me guess, you think art is eternal and should stay everlasting or something like that, hmm" he said.

Nao looks at him confused. Deidara shakes his head "Nevermind, that's what Sasori says about art, hmm" he said.

Nao looks down "Everyone thinks of art in different ways, but I think of it as something...more" he said.

Deidara looks at him "What do you think art is, hmm?" he asks.

Nao smiles slightly "I think that art is something that takes time to make, you put a lot of effort on it to make it look worth while, care for your art like it was a plant that needs to be watered, treat your art like it's your best friend and put love into your art to make it look beautiful" he said.

Deidara looks at him, amazed "That's what you think art is, hmm" he said.

Nao looks at him then back down "Yeah, that's what I think art is" he said then looked up, shaking himself like he was in a trance "Anyways, I might as well go now, nice talking with you Deidara" he said after picking up the drawing and pencil and headed off towards his room.

Deidara watched Nao walk into the bedroom and looked down at Sasori who walked up to him "Did you hear that Danna, hmm?" he asks him.

Sasori nods his head "Maybe that's why he was so interested in our files more then the others, it was probably our way of appreciating art" he said.

Deidara nods his head "Not only that but the way he said art was, hmm" he said.

Sasori nods his head in aggreement "That kid is something, now the Akatsuki has to deal with three people that have different opinions on art" he said and walked away.

Deidara smiles "Yeah" he said and went downstairs.
here's chapter 2 8D

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